Sunday, May 27, 2012


 Date night with Sam. Barnes and Noble and Yogurt Planet
 Mother's Day on the boat. Sambo and Harley.
 Missing her.
 Mother's Day dinner with my band of boys!
 Harley front packing her baby doll. Cracks me up.
 Very sentimental about this one starting kinder in the Fall.
 Lots and lots of swimming. We started swimming in March.
 We sold our house.  Moved in an apartment. Started building a house. We are a little excited ;)
 My golfer. 
 Easter at Lindsey's. Wall ball and jumping in the evening.
 Sam lost his first tooth. We are hoping the "gray" one is next! :)
 Moving with some great helpers.
Sam's cowboy play.

More pics to come.  

Three more days of school. 

Looking forward to Summer. 

Spending a lot of time with my boys. Eating watermelon. Date nights with all my guys. Summer birthdays. Summer reading. The lake. Boat rides. Tubing down the Comal. Bike rides.

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