Sunday, May 27, 2012


 Date night with Sam. Barnes and Noble and Yogurt Planet
 Mother's Day on the boat. Sambo and Harley.
 Missing her.
 Mother's Day dinner with my band of boys!
 Harley front packing her baby doll. Cracks me up.
 Very sentimental about this one starting kinder in the Fall.
 Lots and lots of swimming. We started swimming in March.
 We sold our house.  Moved in an apartment. Started building a house. We are a little excited ;)
 My golfer. 
 Easter at Lindsey's. Wall ball and jumping in the evening.
 Sam lost his first tooth. We are hoping the "gray" one is next! :)
 Moving with some great helpers.
Sam's cowboy play.

More pics to come.  

Three more days of school. 

Looking forward to Summer. 

Spending a lot of time with my boys. Eating watermelon. Date nights with all my guys. Summer birthdays. Summer reading. The lake. Boat rides. Tubing down the Comal. Bike rides.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Haiti Trip 2

Haiti Trip 2

We just got back from our second trip to Haiti in the last 4 months.  Thank the Lord above that our transition back was so much easier this time a little easier this time.  Now mind you, it isn't that Schella (Shay-la:) isn't the first thing I think about in the morning or that I don't feel a cloud that lingers around me.  I could totally go there, but I refuse to do it.  Jeremy and I had a overnight layover in Ft. Lauderdale on our way back home. I know that helped with our transition back into reality.  I also didn't want to come back on Mother's Day all depressed, crying, and moping around.  I have four boys that were super excited to have us back and we had to celebrate.  I CANNOT wait for the Mother's Day that our family of 7 will be celebrating together.  And, I know that our church, friends, and family were praying for us as we returned.  All of those things helped so much!!

Now to the good stuff.  Schella is AWESOME!! We had such a marvelous time loving on her.  She had so much more personality this time. She was crawling. She threw some fits.  We were loving it.  I know she recognized us also.  She was much more loving and would crawl to Jeremy and I to pick her up.  Schella has also picked up a little weight and she was eating great!! All that does a Mama's heart so good. We missed the whole first year of Schella's life. We have nothing to show her from that first year, but because of these bonding visits we get to document her and everything she does.  It blesses us to be able to do that and I know one day it will bless her.

It is a wonderful experience to be there with 22 other families who are adopting and know exactly what you are feeling.  These families rock and I admire each and every one of them.  We got to be apart of two girls birthday celebrations, watch as a family came to be matched with one boy and ended up with two boys (7 and 11. Can you imagine?), and a young lady who has aged out of adoption, but found out while we were there that she got a passport for a student visa!! I am amazed that I get to watch these stories and see God's glory in them.

The big question when we are going to Haiti and when we get back is "When is she coming home?" I have to totally disappoint everyone with "I don't know."  We really don't know. Are we believing by faith by a certain time? Absolutely!!! God can do ALL things and we hold on to that tightly!! As of right now, ours and her dossiers are finished. IBESR (Haitian Social Services) has closed all incoming dossiers until July 31st.  We are choosing to see this as a positive thing. Our hope and prayer is that some of these families who have been waiting in IBESR will get out and bring their kids home.  Hopefully by July 31st  a new batch of dossiers will go in and be able to come out more quickly.

Guess what? She will be home one day.  We met a mom in the Haiti airport who was bringing her 4 year old daughter, Lucy, home for the first time.  It does happen! They come home!!