Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Back

Hello to the blogging world. I have missed you. I still do not have my computer, but I downloaded all my pictures on Jeremy's computer. My list was getting longer and longer on blogs I needed to catch up on. I feel much better now :)

1st and 3rd

The boys going back to school has been bittersweet for me. We had such a wonderful Summer, but getting back in routine is nice also. We returned from vacation on Friday and they started school on Monday. I am thankful that they were both excited about starting back. I think Sam misses Ty and Blake and of course Tyler and Blake have been a little tired, but all in all it has been great.
Blake-1st Grade
Tyler-3rd Grade

All the boys on the first day of school. I love how Sam is still in his pajamas and literally woke up walked out the door for the picture. Lets not look pass Gray's major bed head.


The boys representing the Tide here in Longhorn country. It is impossible to get a good picture of these monkeys unless you are a professional.

Vacation at the Lake

We had a much needed and relaxing vacation this year. We went to Lake Cherokee in East Texas. I think my boys could have lived there!!

This was before 8 a.m. in the morning. My boys were swimming while I was just getting into my first cup of coffee.

Gray loved tubing.

Drum Roll please...

This was what our house looked like for two weeks while we did the main living area.

The floors are finally done. Well, they have been done for about a month, but my computer hasn't worked so I am just now blogging about it. When we moved from Dallas to Austin I swore we would never have carpet again. Well, that is all good until you start talking money. 4 boys plus carpet is just a bad combo all together. We had gotten several quotes when we first moved in, but it just wasn't going to happen. As the color of our carpet turned from beige to beige with spots coupled with our journey into financial peace my sweet husband decided to do it on his own. He worked really hard and he did an awesome job. I love it. I know we should not love material things, but I love stained concrete. It is easy to clean and ridiculously durable!


Blake turned 6 on July 29th this Summer. Birthdays seem like they last a whole week around our house between grandparents, friends, and family. Blake went shopping with Honey and Jessie and bought some awesome Nike Air Max that he has been wanting one day, golfing with my dad one day, and then two celebrations with his cousins.
Jeremy and I are so proud of Blake. He is so sweet and compassionate, loves life, is all boy, and cuter than cute! Happy Birthday Buddy!!

His new Alabama hat.
The cousins and brothers trying so hard not open Blake's gifts.
Blake asked for homemade Oreo ice cream for his dessert instead of cake. He is so my child.
His new Golf shoes.
Golf shoes were an early gift so he could use them that evening.
Jax made Blake a cake on his actual birthday. I love that all the boys have no shirts on. Believe me it is better that way!

Thanks Jax for the yummy cake.

We So Do Not Have Cable!!

I am not going to lie, I was really sad giving up cable, but it does have its perks. The boys come up with some creative playing time. Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean.
They were all working at their desks. They even pulled our neighbor into their world. Also, this was a day that Blake was grounded from playing outside or he never would have been playing inside.
I have no idea about the above picture except that they were putting on some kind of play. A cowboy, Scooby, and a chicken????
Gray reading his book upside down.

This Boy!!

He is into EVERYTHING!!! Enough said!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I have about 6 things that I am ready to blog about, but unfortunately my computer is not working. It was dropped and got a virus within 24 hrs. Anyway, I use one of Free Chapels computers to check e-mail. I don't want to download my pictures on this computer. Until then here are a few things I need to blog about:
1. Blake turns 6!!
2. Our Stained Concrete floors.
3. Gray is into everything.
4. Boating on Lake Travis