Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I went to download my pictures on my computer and this picture was on my camera. Interesting! I didn't take this picture. Someone (Ty, Blake, or Sam-I am sure) took this picture of Gray. I have not a clue which one took the camera, turned it on, took the picture, turned it off, and put it back where I keep it. It is a mystery!! Gray obviously wanted a turn!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

We are finally here!!!

I can't believe it. We are finally in Austin. The city we have been wanting to be in for so long. The first week we were here Jeremy was in Dallas taking a winter class at DTS. Thank goodness my sister and brother-n-law were here. I enjoyed the company and the help.

We have met at least four of our neighbors. We are having a Super Bowl party and inviting our entire section of the neighborhood. I found the cutest invitations. Please pray that it goes well. It is sort of a pre-Super Bowl party in our cul-d-sac. Speaking of cul-d-sac, my boys love love love it. They ride their scooters, skateboards, and anything that has wheels really. No worries, Blake has already busted his head and scraped his elbow all up.

It takes forever to unpack with four kids under 7. It goes something like box, pull up Sam's pants, unwrap China, Blake wants a snack, realize I need to wash the dishes before I put them in the cabinet, Gray's awake-nurse Gray, realize I should probably line the drawers and cabinets, go get Tyler from school, the one box is still not all the way unpacked. So frustrating!!

All in all, we feel so blessed to be here. We also feel blessed to have a home in a great neighborhood and people all around to share the love of Christ with. I will update with some pictures soon.

Also, a quick update on my Mom, she had her first round of Chemo last Tuesday. It went awful. She was sick until today really. Please pray that they can balance her meds so that she isn't sick. If you know my Mom, laying around on the couch for an entire week is the complete opposite of the professional organizer, tennis player, neat freak, can run circles around me Mom.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Morning

Random Christmas Pictures

Sam on Christmas Eve Blake holding Little Lawson. All the boys beg to hold him.
I feel like the boys look like 101 Dalmatians all piled on top of each other. You wouldn't believe all the things we were doing to keep the boys from not crying and looking at the camera. It was ridiculous.

Waiting to see Santa.
Baby it's Cold Outside!!