Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Glasses Glasses Everywhere!!
My Mom has reading glasses everywhere. Honestly, I think she owns 50 pair and she says that she needs more. I have to constantly take glasses from Sambo!! I will turn around and he will have a pair on watching T.V. He thinks it is so funny!!
Living in Birmingham
We are living in Birmingham this summer for about 10 weeks. It is really nice having all the help with the four boys. My dad takes the boys to the park where he runs almost everyday. The boys want to where exactly what he wears and don't worry my Dad loves it. He bought them workout shirts just like his. I had to take a picture!!
Shaving with Papa!!
Gray is getting some meat on his bones!! Check out the double chin!
Where's Blake? Probably with his best friend, Papa!!!
Tyler Lost His First Tooth!!
While Ty was in Birmingham with Papa and MamaDon he lost his first tooth. He has been waiting for this moment for a while now. Don't worry though it was quite dramatic, which we knew it would be. The excitment came to a hault when he bit into a quesadilla and it started bleeding. He is a little on the dramatic side. Tyler carried his tooth around for days in a small tin can that my mom gave him. He also thought it was great to show everyone he came in contact with. The day we got in Birmingham he went to bed with it under his pillow and magically found money the next morning. Honestly, I think he would have rathered keep the tooth then get the money.
It makes me a little sad. Just the thought of your baby, your first born losing his baby teeth, makes me teary eyed!! It is hard to stay sad for too long, when you look at that toothless smile!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sweet Grayson!!

Sam and Gray Hanging Out!!!

Gray Hanging with Mom and Dad!!

Up to No Good!!!
My mom took Tyler and Blake back with her to Birmingham. It has just been Jeremy, Sam, Gray and I for almost a week. It has been very quite around here, but Sam still keeps us running. As you can see he has pulled the chair to the counter, wrote on his hands with pen and helped himself to a sucker. This honestly happened in a matter of minutes!!! He is so cute it is hard not to laugh when you find him doing these things.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lindsey and Derek were so sweet to give our family a welcome home gift! YUMMY!

Honey Got to come to meet Grayson at the hospital. It was so cool to be able to have two grandparents in town to help out with the other boys!

Tyler, Blake, and Sam were so glad to meet their new little brother. Blake and Tyler wanted to hold him. Sam wanted to kiss all over him. It was so sweet.

Momma Don loves giving Grayson his once a day wash-down.