Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hey Hey Gray Gray it's your Birthday

These pictures are in backwards order, but oh well. Gray turned 2 today, May 31st, but we celebrated on Memorial Day with the fam. See the cell phone. He opened this first. It has no service, but does everything a real cell phone does if you keep it charged. He is obsessed with phones and keys and now he is obsessed with his phone. You should hear the scream when someone attempts to take it. Yikes.
Opening all his awesome gifts.
Lawson loving his cupcake.

He kept saying "Gray Gray Birthday, Yay"
We did a water/fish themed little party. Baby pool, slip and slide, and a wet soapy trampoline.


Gray eating goldfish and Swedish fish. Blake made his "big fish" that hung from the chandelier.
fishy cupcakes

Funny Gray things:
1. He calls Jeremy "Dadio" all the time.
2. He points to your nose and doesn't say nose, he say's "boogers" (no surprise he has three big brothers)
3. He says "hold you" all the time.
4. He is loves his lovie and cell phone.
5. He thinks all his brothers hung the moon, but especially Sam.

Copy Clown

This is Blake at his Kindergarten Circus. The funny thing about this is that I had no idea Blake's part in this circus. I even told my Dad "You can leave after Blake's part". He was the comedy relief during the whole thing. He would come out between each act and do something until the next act was ready. Their were about 15 acts. We were so proud of him and he was hilarious.
Shooting the water gun at all the kids.

This Never Happens!

I was so shocked that both of these boys fell asleep on the couch. It is like pulling teeth to get my boys to sleep anywhere but their own beds!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day.  All Mom's do I am sure.  My Mom spoke at Free Chapel that day.  I didn't get to hear her, but I heard it was excellent.  It should be up on the website soon.  ( We didn't celebrate until later that afternoon.  We went to The Oasis for dinner which is on the lake.  It was a little toasty and long, but fun.  Then we went to Shake's for dessert.  I love hanging with some of my favorite moms... my Mom, Kimberly, and Lindsey.  
Mama Don, Ty, Papa.  Papa looks warm!
Jerm and the boys.  Gray loves cheese dip.

***I did have some pictures of the whole family, but I just got BRACES recently and I am not loving the pics.  I feel like Drew Barrymore on Never Been Kissed when she thinks back about when she was high school.  Lovely!!

Gray the Superstar!!

Baby Birks

Baby Birkenstocks are my favorite Summer time shoe.  Blake, Sam, and Gray have all worn these shoes.  I love them.  They might be on their last go around, but we are going to wear them out.


This is the most recent picture of all the boys and their cousins.  My Mom spoke on Mother's Day at Free Chapel and she wanted a picture to show of all the boys together. 

Funny Faces

Favorite Thing

Popsicles are some of our favorite things right now.  I buy a huge bag of them for 2.50.  The boys eat them every day after school.  Even though Sam and Gray aren't in school, they still eat them after Tyler and Blake get home.  Cheap snack, not the healthiest thing in the world, but cheap!