Monday, April 30, 2007

All Pregnant at the same time!!!!
Ok, so this is the only picture we will probably have of all three of us pregnant at the same time. You heard me right, Wade and Kimberly are pregnant again..due Dec. 20th!! We were cutting it close, Lindsey delivered Parker the next day and I am due in 4 weeks!! I really hate getting my picture taken, especially being pregnant and late at night, but we had to have an official photo. Seven grandchildren (will this be a boy or a girl?) under 7 in 2007!!!
Can we say stair steps!!
I had to take Blake and Sam to get haircuts!! Jeremy was about to have a cow that the boys hair was was way too long!!! I have trimmed Sam's hair, but never really had it cut!! I took some pictures!! Before.... During.....
After....much better!!

Before.... After....

All my handsome boys!!!
I love this picture of Tyler!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Go Longhorns!!!
While we were in Austin this past weekend Papa bought Tyler and Blake University of Texas t-shirts and Sam a UT sippy cup!! No worries, we are still Bama fans but have added another favorite team to our list!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Welcome Derek Parker Mills, born on April 25 at 2:48 pm! He weighed 8.7 and 21 inches long!!! I was so excited I actually got to be a part of his birth!! Lindsey was a trooper!! It was so incredible not being the one pushing out the baby, but witnessing it. It truly was a miracle. I told Jeremy I think I missed my calling, I should have been a Labor and Delivery nurse. He has a ton of hair and totally looks like Derek!! I am going to have his link on the blog!! Go see some more pics!!

Blue Tooth
My mom has just discovered blue tooth since Christmas and she loves it to say the least. The boys love trying hers on and talking to people. One time she lost it and couldn't find it anywhere. It was in Tyler's pants pocket!! Aunt Lindsey found these fake ones in a cereal box and the boys have worn them all day.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Papa totally has his hands full!! All the boys want to be with Papa! He needs to grow a few more hands, because come 6 weeks he will have 6 grandsons under the age of 6!! Fun, Fun!!!
Fun with Jax! Well, Sam doesn't really like sitting for very long!
I love Easter Morning!!

Happy Easter! This is honestly the best picture we could get! The boys love their cousin Jax and we think the feeling is mutual!! Jax has constant entertainment!! This boy is Crazy!!

Ty playing the air guitar!!Sam loved the Egg Hunt!!

Uncle Wade had his hands full at the Easter Egg Program!!!

Easter Egg Hunt!
I had to buy the boys jackets for the Egg hunt!! It was so cold! They also made their bags to collect eggs in!
Mr. Smartie Pants