Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lunch Time

I told Jax (nephew 3yo) and Sam (4yo) that once school starts I would take them to eat lunch with the boys. They have asked me every week since school has started, so yesterday we went. Grayson stayed with Kimberly and played with Lawson. Jax and Sam did great and I treated them to ice cream afterwards (a whole 1.50 for three ice creams). We will go and eat with Tyler next time. Blake got glasses last year for when he is at school reading. Unfortunately, my sweet boy kept forgetting to put them on when he read, so for a while he has to wear them the whole time he is at school.

You've Got Mail

Didn't you just love to get mail when you were little? I still do love mail as long as it isn't bills. Anyway, my Mom has been in Birmingham for a while working, so she hasn't seen the boys. The other day UPS brought the boys a package. As soon as Tyler opened the door, he said "I bet this is from Mama Don." My boys loved it. She sent all of them a note, some candy and one item they would like. You would have thought it was Christmas!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Top 3 in the Self Household!

1. I love these action packs. I have seen them, but they seemed pricey to me and I didn't want to risk it. Our friends that let us use their lake house this Summer had them. The dishes smelled so good and came out sparkling clean. I still didn't know if it was because they had a great dishwasher or because of these little packets. I have been begging Jeremy for a new dishwasher. Most of my dishes come out dirty even after the wash. ( I do a ton of dishes by the way) Anyway, these things really work even on my crappy dishwasher. Well worth the money to me.2. Four boys=stains galore. This really works wonders especially on grease and blood. Don't even ask about the blood thing. My boys have bloody noses and bloody body parts often.
3. This is my microfiber chair that comes in a pair. Well, today Gray got a hold of Jeremy's red pen and went to town.
I googled my problem and here you go. Hand Sanitizer got every bit of it out and very easily. My chair is brand new. Can you believe it? I just had to share. It is good for germs and ink!!!

Thank You Honey and Jessie

Honey and Jessie always come and take the boys out for a birthday outing. My boys LOVE it!! They buy them a gift and lunch of their choice. It is a real treat. Thank you.

A Great Party Idea

My nephew Jax just turned three and we celebrated on Labor Day. You can find more info on their blog, but I loved the whole Pirate themed party. Wade and Kimberly did such a good job. I wish I had a picture of the cupcakes and the cute buckets with their pirate's booty.

She made this flag to fly on our boat.
The Birthday Boy. I love him.

They had a treasure hunt where they found treasure boxes full of candy and goldfish.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Finally Four

I say "finally" four, because it seems like Sam has been three for 2 years. I don't know if it is because of his mere size (only 4 lb difference between him and his brother that is two years older) or because he is one smart cookie that knows a lot to be only three or maybe a combo of both. Anyway, he is officially four. Also, all of his birthday's seem to be water themed. I think because his birthday is August 31st. We either celebrate at the beach or a pool. This year we went to our awesome community pool that we joined this Summer and practically lived at. Thank you to all of our cousins, aunts, uncles, Papa, Mama Don in spirit (she was in Bama) and Jason and Paige for celebrating with us!!Most of my stinking ice cream cupcakes collapsed on the way to the pool. Ugh!!
Too windy to light the candles.

Thanks Uncle Wade, Aunt Kimberly, Jax, Lawson, and Harley for the swords. We have had to put them away a few times for sword fights gone bad.

For some reason Tyler looks so old in this picture.

The birthday boy!! This shirt fits him perfectly. It says "chicks dig scars". It is very appropriate for my him. We love this boy!! He is always smiling, no matter what!!