Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to Me!!

I love these boys!! We had a very relaxing Mother's Day. My boys gave me a card with money in it for each of them to take me out on a date. Sam wants to take me to Chuck E. Cheese. I don't know about that. Very cute!! Jeremy gave me my favorite thing..money (i need running shoes, a bathing suit or two, and the list goes on)
We were going to go out on the boat, but it started to rain, so we all went to the movies. My crew can put away the popcorn!! It was a real treat for them and me.

Lovin Austin

One of my favorite things about Austin is the eating. They have so many awesome restaurants. Most of the restaurants have outside seating with live music and play areas for the kids. We have at least 5 restaurants in our area Austin that have play scape's. Seriously it is great to be able to eat your food and let your kids go crazy on the playground. It is just peaceful!!

Jeremy's day off at P.Terry's. Best Chicken Burger ever!!
They have a sandbox for the kids to play in.
Beautiful Austin Day!!

Fun with Cousins

I love that my sister and sister-n-law live in Austin by us. It is so easy to get with them and the kids always have a blast. Last minute last week we decided to take the boys + Harley to the fountain at the mall.
Um, Micah found the mud. Lindsey never would have let Parker do this.

We went early and pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.

Love this!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Who is the photographer?

Thats who!!!
All photos by Sam (4)

Birthday Party!!

This weekend we had a Birthday party for Gray and Parker. Gray and Parker are only 5 weeks a part in age. We felt like 3 was a good age to have a joint birthday party for them. Jeremy and I do not do birthday parties for our boys every year. We have family parties, but never a big party. This year Tyler and Blake have decided to have a few friends over for their parties, but Sam and Gray are going to have a bigger party this year. Sam's is this Summer and he is already planning it. Anyway, it was great. Lindsey and I had a lot of fun planning it and the boys had a blast. We did an animal invitation that read "Attention all Party Animals", animal cupcakes, and animal type goodie bags (pen, notebook, box of animal crackers, animal stickers). I am sure Lindsey will have better details on her blog, so check it out if you want to know more.
These pics are in backwards order, but I don't have the patience or time to redo this blog entry. :)
Sweet brothers with the Birthday Boy!!
I had to sit in the back on the way home because our van was packed.
Matching "3" shirts from Etsy!!
Papa and Gray.
Waiting in line for the Zip Line.
I can't believe Gray is almost 3! (May 31st)

Most of my pictures were blurry. So frustrating. Not sure if it is me or the camera!
Sam loved this place.
Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, and Zebras! These were really fun to make.

Boys+Swimming=Happy Boys

My boys absolutely love to swim. They always have and I think always will. We went to a Birthday party on the lake on Saturday. It was great. There was a playground, petting zoo, sand volleyball, basketball, a sandbox, but no worries they made a bee line to the lake and never looked back. They did come out once to eat. It was cold water. Their lips were blue and they were shivering, but they swore up and down it wasn't cold.

Lake Austin

I love this time of year in Austin. The weather is perfect and we are so blessed to live by Lake Austin and Lake Travis. A couple of Mondays ago we took advantage of the nice weather and went out on the boat with the family, without kids. We scooted down Lake Austin (the water was freezing) and docked at Hula Hut. I ate so much creamy jalapeno ranch with my chips. It was ridiculous.
Wade and Kimberly with the 360/Pennybacker bridge in the background.
I think this was right before my Mom got soaked. She looked like she had just ridden Thunder Mountain at Six flags. We laughed until we cried. And of course Wade wouldn't let it go. Thanks Mom for being a good sport.
Jeremy and his crazy driving. The reason Mom got wet. She hates getting wet.
Wade and Dad checking out the huge houses on Lake Austin.

Silly Boy

Gray looks so much like Jeremy. We ask him who he looks like and he says "Uncle Derek" which is funny because that is my sisters husband. Anyway, he has been going in our closet and putting on Jeremy's stuff lately. We even caught him in the closet with Jeremy's iphone the other day.