Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday Easter Celebration

Our sweet friends, Jason and Lisa Collins, invited us to their home for an Easter Celebration. It was a potluck afternoon dinner and Egg Hunt for the kiddos. It was really fun and we met some new people. Look how cute Jax is!!

It just wasn't happening.

This is the best we have!!!

Easter Morning

I love Easter. Amazingly enough, my kids slept in on Easter morning. Happy Easter to me, but doing Easter baskets and getting ready to be at church by 9:30 is a busy morning. Sam didn't say a word for the first 10 minutes. He just ate and ate and ate. You could tell Gray couldn't believe his good fortune of getting to eat chocolate in the morning. Sam would open an egg and 10 chocolate eggs would fall out and Gray would just go for it. I love it.

Green Easter Egg Hunt

We went to an Egg Hunt with some of our new friends on Saturday. Some of you may know Austin is pretty green. We have never been to an Egg Hunt quite like this. Real Egg shells filled with confetti and if you are lucky you win a Strawberry from one of the farms that has a booth there. Believe it or not the boys had fun. They loved cracking the eggs over their heads.

Lovin' the Toy Basket

Gray thinks it is great just to crawl right up in the toy basket and I guess Sam decided to join him. (It sort of looks like Gray has a toupee on)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break

Lindsey and I took a 13 hour trip to Birmingham for Spring Break. Tyler was out of school and we wanted to go spend time with my Mom and Dad. So we all packed up the Odyssey and headed East. The trips were pretty flawless except one time I did accidentally kick Lindsey in the head climbing to the back for the 100th time.
I only have these pictures of Gray and Parker. They are at "Papa's Park" and all the baby swings were full. Also, they played on the ground, which my child kept eating the wood chips. You can see a wood chip on his face in the last picture.


Gray is 9 months old and over the last few weeks he has been showing us some of his tricks. He waves, says "hey" (well sort of), blows kisses, and claps. It is so fun when your babies start doing their "firsts", but what is even more fun is when they have siblings who laugh, smile, and tell them to do this or that. Gray not only has Jeremy and I to think he is a genius, but also Tyler, Blake, and Sam.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Sweet Friends

Our sweet friends, The Allen's, came to visit us this weekend. We had the best time hanging out with them. It was so refreshing and so comfortable. We went to a Parade downtown that celebrated Texas independence from Mexico.

Blake and Miller Hanging out at the Parade!
Crazy Hats!!
Check out that Longhorn!!
Parker showing some Texas Pride.

Car Wash

The weather in Austin has been awesome. We are SO enjoying it. Here are a few pictures of one evening when Wade, Derek, and Jeremy all were washing the cars with the boys!!