Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ann Marie Mills

Ann Marie Mills
6lbs 15oz
20 inches long
4:30 p.m.
We are so excited about Ann Marie. It was a long day at the hospital, but totally worth it.
She is perfect. Lindsey is doing great.
Did I mention that I love having nieces?

Lindsey looked Asian when she was born and I think Ann Marie does a little also. :)
Papa and Mama Don! This is #10 for them. 8 boys and 2 girls.

One of my Favorites

This is one of my favorite Christmas presents I got.
An antique red door.
I love it.
(honorable mentions: kitchen aid mixer, kitchen aid food processor, and coffee mugs from Williams-Sonoma)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


The picture we put on our Christmas card. This was one of the very first ones. Why we kept going, I have no idea.

Tacky Sweater Christmas Party! So fun.
Our friend Kenny totally had candy in the stocking on his sweater that he was handing out. And yes, that would be Wade in the background who wore a tree skirt and won best Tacky Christmas Sweater. Really?
Sam and Gray with Santa. Sam says every year that he is going to pull his beard. I would die.
All of my boys in plaid.

Oh yes they did!!

My dear parents, bless their hearts, took all 9 grand kids out for a Christmas celebration. We, as in myself and my siblings, couldn't have been more thrilled. Jeremy and I caught a movie and dinner with Wade and Kimberly. Linds and Derek had a Christmas party they had to go to.

We met the grands at the Galleria to take a few pics around 2:30 and then we picked them up at 7:30 from Papa and Mama Don's house. The first stop was Big Top Candy Shop, then pizza and a movie. Can you imagine? I think it wore my parents out, but the kids had a blast.

Did I say that they are 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 1, and 1 years old?
Mom and Harley have to stick together since they are the only girls.
All in the back row.

Christmas 2010

Don't you just love how many pictures I have of this day? Jeremy took a lot of video and I need him to show me how to do it. We will be way into 2011 if I wait for that.
This first picture cracks me up, because the boys are struggling so much. They are so anxious to come out to their stockings and presents.

We did a very light Christmas this year and it felt so good. The boys got stockings and one "bigger" type gift and then a joint gift. They loved it. As a Mom I get wrapped up in the emotion of wanting to buy them everything. So, I had to ignore the emotion and welcome the logic. Jeremy was on cloud 9 and to be honest the boys didn't even know the difference.
Tyler was opening his "bigger" gift. An itunes gift card.

Around 10 we went down to Lindsey's for our big family Christmas. It was so much fun and crazy. I will have to put a video of the noise level when all the kids were opening gifts. It is comical. Also, I ate so much, bordering on gluttony.