Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh the Conversations!

I wish I could remember all the conversations my boys have with each other and with Jeremy and I! This is one from today when we were shopping for a new washer for four hours!!

Tyler (9): "When I drive I want to drive a Dodge Ram truck"
Me: "I think you should drive the van (our 2004 Honda Odyssey) when you turn 16! Better gas mileage, you can pile in your friends, put your drums in the back for when you are in a band."
Blake(6): "You could drive your girlfriend in the van!" (laughing hysterically)
Sam(4): "I want to drive an RV."
Gray(2): "I want to ride the bus."
Sam(4): "You can take Blake and me and Gray to get a treat!"
Tyler (9): "I still want a truck!"

We also played several rounds of "Would you rather..." which gets pretty interesting with the boys for example "Would you rather smell like a monkey or a dog?" I can't even participate when it turns in that direction.:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow in Austin, Oh My!

Finally after reading all the fb updates on snow in the South East, we finally got snow today. My boys are driving my crazy because they are so excited about it. Let's just say I am glad we do not get snow that often. Tyler's face totally describes his love/hate relationship with the snow.

Guess who? Grayson!!

I was freezing and wanted them to hurry to get a picture of all them together. This is the best I could get.

Blake loved it more than anyone. He did not complain and stayed out the longest.

The BIG 9!

What is it about my first born, my oldest, getting one year older that makes me stop and ponder the last 9 years of not only his life, but my life, especially as a Mom? It is always a good reminder of how privileged and blessed I am to be the Mom of all four of my boys.

Tyler turned 9 yesterday Feb. 22nd. I found this picture of when he was 3. I love it because his passion(s) were clear at an early age.:) Tyler wanted to go to a University of Texas game with Blake and two of his buds, Jackson and Jason. I think Jeremy had more fun than the boys.

After the game, the boys came back to the house for Tyler's favorite dinner of chili and mini cheesecakes!

We are very proud of Tyler and love him like crazy!