Friday, April 04, 2008


Tyler's class hosted assembly today. I have never been to assembly at Tyler's new school. They have it every Friday morning. Anyway, for those of you who don't live in Texas, they are a little lets say Prideful about their state. Not only their state, but anything they are involved in. It started with the pledge of allegiance (Ok, I get that), then pledge to the Texas flag (I did know about this and I can't really bring myself to do it), then the Bee Cave Elementary pledge (what?), then the Bee Cave Elementary Song (seriously), then a moment of silence (ok), and then little program. It was sweet. All the boys and girls in the class had a line about perseverance with pictures of each child on a slide show and then they sang a Hannah Montana song, which was a great idea on Mrs. Hursh's part, because almost every elementary boy and girl love Hannah Montana. Last, but not least, not that we haven't done enough proud of our state and school stuff, we did the Bee Cave chant/cheer before dismissal to class. I needed perseverance not to roll my eyes during the Pledge of allegiance to the Texas flag.
Blake loved being there. It will be him next year.
Sam hated being in the stroller.
Gray also loved being there.

Future Ballers

Wade, Kimberly, Jax, Lawson, Derek, Lindsey, and Parker all came out to support the boys on Opening Day. Jax, Parker, and Gray are all going to be the same year in school and ball and everything else. So, we were talking about how great and fun it will be when they are all on the same team. With all these boys this will only be the first of many, many, many ball games. Stroller Brigade! Gray and Parker were hanging out and you probably can't see, but under the blankets all the way to the left is Lawson. You can see his tiny foot.

Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Baseball season has begun. Tyler and Blake are playing baseball this Spring. Tyler has two games a week and Blake has one plus a practice. We had opening day last weekend. They were really cute in their uniforms and they both did pretty good.
Blake is ready for that ball!!
Good Swing, Ty!!