Saturday, November 28, 2009

Feels like Christmas!!!

The whole family got together yesterday to watch the ever so stressful Alabama vs. Auburn game. We all brought the kids Christmas pajamas so we could get our annual picture of them. Usually we do it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but we aren't going to be all together until after that, so we wanted to go ahead and do it. Also, it gives the kids a chance to wear their pj's all month!
Gray, Tyler, Harley, Jax, Sam, Micah, Parker, Blake, Lawson Harley was done!! I love the Tutu!!

Gray needs a hair cut B.A.D!!

Blaker and Lawdog!!

The boys. Gray was not about to look at the camera. Sam's hair is so long that it is brushed to the side (this was right after baths) and Tyler and Blake are old pros at the picture taking!!


Jeremy brought me these the other day for no occasion whatsoever!! I like that I still get flowers randomly after almost 11 years!!!

A Rare Sighting

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We did a couple of "thankful" projects around the Self household in November. We sometimes struggle with being thankful for all the amazing things that we have, so I thought doing projects and looking at them for a month might help. It was fun also.
This one we did last last year and this year! (Last years pic) It was funny because Gray was thankful for whatever his brothers told him to be thankful for. This was fun also. The boys helped me color the letters and put them in the glasses.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Before Church

This was before church on Sunday morning. All the boys wanted to look "nice" they told me. I have no idea why. We do not dress up at Free Chapel. It is very come as you are
Yes, I have four boys. What you do not see is a little to the left Sam is pitching the biggest fit ever on the floor because he wanted to change clothes...again!!


Tyler and Blake were both in their schools Talent Show this year. Tyler had a drum solo. He did really good. His monitor wasn't working great, so he couldn't hear his music that well. It was a great experience as far as being on stage in front of lots of people. Jax went with us. The boys were so wired!!! Before the talent show!!

Blake's class performed the opening song and cheer! He is on the end with the black/white backpack.

Tyler jammin out!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


We had a great time trick or treating this Halloween. All the boys were pirates. I loved it because I only spent 8 bucks on all my boys costumes. I just pieced together stuff from the "dress up bin". I was a little nervous they might look like a homeless person, but it turned out fine. We got so much candy that I think I might have to throw it away while they are sleeping. I am trying to think of some creative way not to waste it, so if you have any ideas let me know.

We sort of thought Gray looked like a pirate, but maybe a waiter at an Italian restaurant.

Blake had a peg leg and he played it up like crazy!!

Always the actor!

Jax looks amazing!!

Lawson cracked me up. He had puffy sleeves that were hilarious on his little body. He also ate candy the whole time we were out. A boy after my own heart!

It took all of 2.5 seconds for Sam to smear his make-up!!

A Story

I have a friend who just started a new blog that I highly recommend. She is sharing her story in hopes to help someone else. Her story is deep and moving, but completely has God's redeeming love sewn throughout the whole thing. She has a huge heart for hurting women. I love how God uses our personal stories either bad, broken, bored, or even good to help others. If you know of any one, especially women, who might be blessed or encouraged by following my friends story please pass it along. Beauty For Ashes (Link Repaired)