Saturday, May 28, 2011

Little Sneak

This would be Grayson. This would be Grayson sneaking into my purse and getting my camera. This would be Grayson taking 25 pictures in the changing room at Old Navy.

Yes I let him. He was totally preoccupied. You can thank me later for sparing you from the other 24 pictures.


This week Blake had his 2nd grade awards ceremony. We are so proud of him!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Copy Clown

We love our boys' elementary school. They do a little program called the Kindergarten Circus. It is the cutest thing ever. Sam was the "Copy Clown". Blake was also the "Copy Clown" when he was in Kinder. His role was to come out after every act (all 26 of them) and do something funny while they set up for the next one. For example, after the horse act he came out with a pooper scooper to clean up after them. Then after the elephant act he came out with a HUGE pooper scooper. He did a great job!

Waiting to start the show!
The HUGE pooper scooper!
The End!


My Mema and my aunt came to visit us in Austin for a week. It was so fun. My Mema is 77 years old. She was super nervous to fly, but it all turned out great. I think she was probably exhausted when she got home. She is hilarious and such a trooper to hang out with our whole crew.
This is her with all the kids except my niece Ann Marie who was napping.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh No He Didn't!

This was the e-mail I received when I got home from having dinner last night. (I don't have a smart phone by the way)

"I love you and will call you after we get tyler's leg stitched up at the Brazilian army base. On our way now..."

Oh, yes he did! I got a call about an hour or so later. Thanks babe!!

I am kind of kidding, but I did talk with Tyler and he was great!!

I just got a text from Tyler saying he wants to stay in Haiti a year and skip the 5th grade!! There you go!

Check out Jeremy's updates here!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Haiti, day 2

Check out Jeremy's blog post today.

I talked with Jeremy last night. He said Tyler is exhausted. He isn't sure if it physically, mentally, or emotionally, but he is tired. I think he took a 3.5 hr nap yesterday. I am sure it is hard to take in a country like Haiti, especially at the young age of 10. I am praying like crazy for the whole team.

Monday, May 09, 2011


Please keep Jeremy and Tyler in your prayers as they go to Haiti this week on a missions trip. They leave tomorrow and get back on Saturday. I know God is going to use them in a mighty way. I will update you throughout the week.

Monday, May 02, 2011

I love Austin!

One of the many reasons we love Austin is the food. They have amazing unique restaurants. Not only is the food good, but most have outdoor seating and a lot of them have live music. I am all about the experience. Anyway, on Easter evening we (21 of us), went to eat at Verde's. We all ate outside, the food was good, but the best part was this fenced in field. Our kids ran and played like crazy. You can bring your own balls, balloons, and whatever else you want to play with. It was so nice to have dinner and the kids could be loud and get up and play and come back. Loved it!!!

Every now and then...

...these boys sit down for more than 5 seconds.

Go Gray!!

This past Saturday our family served at Springfest. It was fun, hot, and did I say hot. The jousting station is where Jeremy and I, okay mostly Jeremy served.
Grayson begged to have a turn. I wasn't even sure he could pick up whatever that thing is called. Jeremy just told me it is called a lance. (He totally googled it) Gray did AWESOME! We credit him having three older brothers for his ability to hold his own against a 6 year old.