Thursday, June 17, 2010


Parker went to the dentist and brought Gray back a mask.

Harley is 1!!

Wade and Kimberly had an Austin Tea Party for Harley's 1st Birthday. It was so adorable and girly. Too bad their were only 4 girls and about 13 boys.

Harley and Uncle Jeremy. I love this girl. My only niece.

Gray and Parker
Micah, Lawson, Tyler
Jax and Blake
Making aprons.
I loved the sign.
Don't you just love the mini cupcakes in the mini mugs?
So Fun for that Sweet Girl!!!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Schools Out!! Hello Summer!

The month of May was so incredibly good, but very busy. It has made us long for Summer. Tyler and Blake both had an amazing school year, but we are ready to bust out of our routine and enjoy some time together.
Jeremy went to Tyler's award ceremony and took this with his iphone. (Tyler, Mr. Hicks: Principal, Ms. Rockenstein: teacher)
This is Tyler at his field day event. His teacher (we adore her and I wish I had a picture of her and Ty) e-mailed me this picture and said "He is so cool, even doing a sack race!"
Sam, Gray, and I attended Blake's award ceremony and ice cream float party. I was sweating like crazy trying to keep Sam and Gray calm during the presentation of awards.
Blake and Mrs. Gonzales

Happy Memorial Day!!

Date Night

My sweet boys gave me this card for Mother's Day. Each boy had 20.00 to take me out on a date with them. I went on all my dates last week and I LOVED it. Rarely do I get one on one time with each of my boys. I hope I get this gift every year.
We drew out of a hat for the order of which they would take me out. Gray was the 1st one. He took me to Learning Express and to Yogurt Planet. This is him showing off his cash for our date!! (And yes he got a haircut which made me cry and is a story for another time).
We were at Learning Express for at least 1 hour. He picked out a ball of goo/slime that makes "tooting" noises when you put it back in the container it came in. Such a boy. He kept saying he got a "tooter thingy".
Eating his yogurt! Gray makes me laugh. He has a raspy voice, so everything he says is super cute.
Blake took me on a date to see Shrek: The Final Chapter. We had candy, popcorn, and soda. It was a great treat. Blake loves the whole date thing. He actually doesn't even love movies, but he knows that I love to go to the movies. He put on way too much cologne and dressed up (he loves sporting Under Armour), so he wanted it to be special. I loved it.
Sam took me on a dinner date to Chili's and then we went to Target. I knew his date would involve food. This boy loves life and is always happy.
He sat across from me for about a minute and then moved to my side of the booth. It was so fun just hanging out with him and enjoying our dinner.
And last but not least, Ty man took me shopping. This is us in the car before we hit the mall. He, like Blake, tried really hard to make this date about me and not him. So sweet. Tyler is 9 and I am loving our conversations about big kid stuff.