Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter 2010 (Very Creative Title)

Gray and Sam both got umbrellas. Do they need one? No! Does it hardly ever rain here? No! Are they good weapons? Yes! Do they flip inside out easily? Yes! Were they worth $1 at the dollar store? Absolutely!We hide their baskets, so keeping them inside their room until time to come out gets a little crazy!! (I have no idea what happened to Gray's shirt)
I also have no idea why my pictures are all blurry!

Mighty Fine

Mighty Fine Burgers is one of our favorite places to eat in Austin. They have awesome burgers. I love that it is loud and they have really long tables for our whole crew. Also, they have this really cool hand washing machine that I can't explain unless you see it. You get a sticker that says "I have clean hands". It is probably the only time all my boys have their hands washed and are happy to actually wash them.
This night they gave away free milkshakes. Yum!

Easter Egg Hunt

Gray and Parker
Lindsey and Micah
Gray was serious about his egg hunting this year!
Blake and Sam (I let Sam hunt in the 5&6 Egg Hunt. I didn't want him running over 3yr olds in his age group)
Tyler and Jeremy were helping Free Chapel pass out water bottles. We handed out about 600 water bottles at the Easter Egg Hunt this year.

Camp Out

One of their favorite things to do lately.