Saturday, September 25, 2010

Project Mode

Ever since I have had three out of four of my boys in school, I have focused a little more on my house. I go through times when all I do is work on the house and then I get tired and do nothing. Another factor is money honey. If you know Jeremy and I you know we have been "Dave Ramseying" it for over 18 months. Thank goodness for blogs that give me tons of ideas.

The above bench was raw wood and $3.00 at a garage sale.
I painted it with paint I already had.

I made this Fall wreath and it took me way too long to do. (4hrs)
It cost me $6.00

Jeremy and I bought this armoire 11years ago from a friend right after we got married. It was an orange wood color. I just revamped our "front room", supposed to be an office, playroom/t.v. room. Again, painted it with paint I already had. I was totally shocked and in love with how it turned out.

Oak end table+white paint+new knobs

$5.00 Orange garage sale find+white paint

This dresser was black. My mom painted and stained it. Now it is my sofa table.
This piece was a garage sale find for $10.00. It is pretty old and had several
coats of paint on it. I used the same color as the armoire. I am not keeping this piece. I am selling it on Craigslist. I just have to put two more knobs on it. I think it would be super cute as a changing table in a nursery.

I have one more to show you, but it will have to wait, because it isn't ready yet.
Jeremy hates that I put how much things are, but I am inspired by others that do this and it has helped me stay on budget. Please do not take it the wrong way.

This is how I roll

Happy Birthday Party Sam!!

This boy turned 5 about 12 days before his actual party, but it was totally worth the wait. I think we had about 50 people at the house. He has never really had a big party. He is my very social boy and he was eating it up.

Hanging out with Honey and Jessie before the party. The boys were about to bust a gut for it to start.

Brand new bike from Mama Don and Papa!
This was in my yard from 2:00 pm on Sunday until Monday night. The boys played on it at the party 3-5pm, then until about 7:30. Jeremy put it back up on Monday after school and the whole neighborhood came over to play that afternoon. It was so worth the money.


Lake Travis Game

Lake Travis High School is the high school in our school district. They have been state champs 3 years in a row. This whole town wears red, black, and white for the Lake Travis Cavaliers. I am not lying. They are totally supported. Their first game was held at the University of Texas Stadium this year. It was HOT, but worth it. Our boys loved it.

Blake and his friend Ryan making fun of the Cavalettes (The dance team)

Dear Lord, please do not let my boys ever be a huge football player that eat me out of house and home. Thanks.
The Crew the beach! Happy Birthday Blake!!!

I have no idea why my pics are downloading weird. But this was Gray at Blake's celebration. Not a happy camper.
Blake and Sam
Happy Birthday Sweet Blake!
Blake turned 7 while we are at the beach. It was so fun.

Tyler is too cool for school.
This boy asks and gets a pair of running shoes every birthday. He is all boy. He loves Nike!!
His first ipod.
Checking out all his new tunes with his Paul Frank skull candy earbuds.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday!!

Sam started his morning off with a donut and his morning coffee (milk)!!

One and Only...

...from 7:45-2:45 at least. Gray and I have spent a lot of time together since the boys started school. He is a great errand runner, but we needed to have some fun last week. We went with some friends to the Children's museum. He loved it.
Kayak Fishing

First Day of School

Tyler starting 4th grade!
(He has 12 girls and only 7 boys in his class)
Blake starting 2nd!
(His best bud is in his class)
Sam staring Kinder. This picture is so him. He is a nut.

We love, love, love all of the boys teachers. We are so blessed to be a part of a great school.


This cannot be comfortable!

Bieber Baby

Tyler is my artsy kiddo. He loves music, movies, and pop culture in general. If you know him at all you know that he gets a little obsessed with things. Right now it is Justin Bieber. I think he wants to be him. He looks at his hair in the mirror a lot and struts skinny jeans often. The funny thing is that Tyler is the oldest, so all of his little brothers know all the words to most Beiber songs and they even adopt some of Tyler's fashion sense even though they would rather be wearing Under Armour.


Blake is 7. Two of his favorite things are his Papa and Golf. Put the two together and he is beside himself. He goes all out to play golf. The visor, the polo tucked in, the golf shoes, and his clubs.