Saturday, August 29, 2009


Blake turned 6 on July 29th this Summer. Birthdays seem like they last a whole week around our house between grandparents, friends, and family. Blake went shopping with Honey and Jessie and bought some awesome Nike Air Max that he has been wanting one day, golfing with my dad one day, and then two celebrations with his cousins.
Jeremy and I are so proud of Blake. He is so sweet and compassionate, loves life, is all boy, and cuter than cute! Happy Birthday Buddy!!

His new Alabama hat.
The cousins and brothers trying so hard not open Blake's gifts.
Blake asked for homemade Oreo ice cream for his dessert instead of cake. He is so my child.
His new Golf shoes.
Golf shoes were an early gift so he could use them that evening.
Jax made Blake a cake on his actual birthday. I love that all the boys have no shirts on. Believe me it is better that way!

Thanks Jax for the yummy cake.

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