Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adoption Update

Please be praying for a very important meeting on Monday August 22nd. Jeremy will be landing in Haiti that day. He will be meeting with the orphanage director, our contact Ruben, someone hopefully from our adoption agency, and hopefully A's dad. This is a pretty strategic meeting with finding out what we do next. We need either A's dad to release parental rights or the pastor to go file abandonment papers for the Mom and Dad. Then we can start the process of moving her over to a different orphanage that is set up for adoptions. We pray that God would swing the doors WIDE OPEN if this is His will.

This week Jeremy and I did 8hrs of training with our agency. We went through The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis. What is crazy is that just the day before Jeremy sent me a link that Dr. Purvis had done. We were honestly looking at it about something going on with one of our boys. Dr. Purvis is a great communicator and she is an advocate for children from hard places. It was really good.

Here are some blogs I read and I love:

Jen Hatmaker: She lives here in Austin and just brought her daughter home from Ethiopia. She also will go and pick up her son in about a month.

The Livesay's Blog: They are missionaries in Haiti. They are living Isaiah 1:17.

Katie: Every time I read this I am inspired to action. Wow!!

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