Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eleven Years. What?

Tyler Dec. 2001 (11 months)

Tyler February 2012 (11yo)

Eleven years ago today I became a mom!! It amazes me how much love you can have for a tiny person so instantly. I remember being nervous when I was pregnant with our second son that I wouldn't love him as much as I loved Tyler. Again, it is so amazing how you can love each of your children the same. I had my first taste of mom kind of love and there was no going back.

I wanted to be a mom ever since I was a little girl. I wanted five boys. Ha! Well, I have four and I am sure if I ended up pregnant with a fifth that it would most certainly be a boy!! I always knew I wanted a big family, so as soon as I got married I started harassing Jeremy about getting pregnant. I look back now and realize how young, very young I was. So needless to say, I was young, and now that I have an eleven year old, almost 6th grader, it makes me feel OLD!!!
Tyler did seal the deal for me, because I loved/love being a mom and I wanted to do that full time. He was a perfect baby, of course we all think that with our first, but he was!! I didn't realize that he wasn't like baby Jesus until his brother was born and he hit him with a plastic golf club. It only took me 2 1/2 years to realize he was human. In all honestly though, Tyler is a great young man.. and we are so proud of him!

Happy Birthday to my rock star first born boy!!! I love you Tyler!!!

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