Monday, December 15, 2008

little drummer boy at simply christmas

Free Chapel just had a HUGE event last Saturday night. It was so fun. We called it Simply Christmas. Our band, led by Jason Martin, did Christmas Carols. We had Urban Transit (Hip Hop dance crew--think, "So you think you dance?"-there are 7 of them, but we had 6 perform), and our very own Tyler Self (7 years old) performed Little Drummer Boy. It was packed. We think around 500 people came and we gave away 10 gallons of hot chocolate and 500 candy canes. God is so good!! Our dream team was exactly that . . . a dream! They did a great job!

I had to post this little part of Tyler playing the drums. He did awesome. We are very proud of him. His prayer request on Sunday at Children's church was that he wouldn't be too prideful. (I had to give him a little life lesson on pride after Saturday night, mainly because he was giving autographs...I am not lying!)


Jennifer said...

Your little drummer boy did awesome!!!!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed both performances!!!!

Naomi said...

Loved how he started really getting into it - nodding his head and moving - about halfway through! What a little musician he is.

Sheril Brasher said...

Tyler looked AWESOME!!! Your boys are so big and handsome!!! I still can't get over the fact that you guys have 4 kids much less 4 boys!!!

Hope you guys are having a great Christmas Season!!! Praying for you all!!!