Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mama Don and Pajamas

My Mom loves to buy all her Grandsons pajamas. She had bought the youngest 4 pj's, but hadn't bought any for the older boys yet. Mom and Dad were here visiting this past weekend. (We had a great time by the way!) Mom found Ty and Blake twin pack Spiderman pj's. One pair is black Spidey and the other is red Spidey. I am not huge "character" clothing person for my boys. The rule is they can where character pj's and character undies. They, on the other hand, love it. It was just recently that they stopped asking/begging for "character" shoes as we passed them at Target. The boys love these pajamas. Here is the problem: THEY GO CRAZY when they wear them. They start shooting webs, running around the house, and wrestling each other to the floor. So what is more important? Their unadulterated happiness or my sanity?????

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